Angels are trading their wings and halos for fur coats to be born on earth as dogs but first they must learn what it means to be a dog so they go to school. They learn about various dog breeds and different dog jobs and when they graduate they get their fur coat and are born on earth to find the person they were made for.

Explore the wonderful world of dogs through the eyes of a special little angel who bears the mark of a legend ... a pink little toe. 


The Fur Angel Series

Meet author, illustrator, artist, animator and narrator 

Cynthia Enuton

Cynthia received a BS degree in Psychology from University of Maryland (UMBC). She worked at a state facility for emotionally challenged teens for over thirteen years and later became a case manager for adoptive and foster children.  The idea of the book, Angel in a Fur Coat, was sparked by Cynthia's little black Pekingese, Lindsey, who came to work with her on a daily basis as an unofficial therapy dog.  The story evolved into a fiction fantasy series inspired by her new  puppy, Xia, who had one little pink toe.

Cynthia has appeared at  several local schools and writing groups as guest speaker and has signed books at Barnes and Nobles, Books A Million, book festivals, and animal fundraiser events. 

Cynthia does her own illustrations and sells them on T-shirts, pillows, blankets, etc. She also creates personalized animated talking dog videos for birthdays, holidays, and special orders under the fictious name, Gooberella.  Listen to her podcast interview here: